18 January 2009

Free Gift from *AuMa* (for -SG GROUP-)

- Denim shoes change colour and textures -

If you want to change colour and texture click to HEEL & BAND (no bow). You will see menu for change !!

To wear you new shoes simply right click them in your inventory and select "wear".
For a perfect fit please wear the shoe base that comes with the shoes!
The shoes will fit "size 0" feet ( Edit - Appearance - Shape - Legs - Foot Size = move your slider to 0).

Copy/Modify/ NO TRANSFER

Sculpted Prims:
I have used sculpted prims to create your new shoes. It usually takes a little longer to load a sculpted prim's shape compared to a "regular" prim's shape.
To get the best possible result when looking at your new shoes I recommend setting object mesh to high quality in your "Preferences".

Enjoy your new item. Have a nice day!
From MapycR Roffo with love ❤


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