31 December 2008

-->> The Golden Fleece <<--

Featuring men's and unisex jewellery including necklaces, chains, earrings and bracelets. Well crafted prims and sculptie pieces with demos available before purchase. You won't find unique works like these just anywhere in SL. New items coming, so check back often.


27 December 2008

You seek miracle? I find it !!!

Glamurena Studio
Elegance. Style. Blameless.
New collection skins! *Muse - Cappuchino*

Skin Muse - Cappuchino tone:
  1. (Glamurena) Muse Cappuchino Skin RoseWood (light eyebrow)
  2. (Glamurena) Muse Cappuchino Skin Violet (light eyebrow)
  3. (Glamurena) Muse Cappuchino Skin Burning Lime (light eyebrow)
  4. (Glamurena) Muse Cappuchino Skin Grapefruit (light eyebrow)

  1. (Glamurena) Muse Cappuchino Skin Salomea (black eyebrow)
  2. (Glamurena) Muse Cappuchino Skin Blossoming Lilac (black eyebrow)
  3. (Glamurena) Muse Cappuchino Skin Carnaval (black eyebrow)
  4. (Glamurena) Muse Cappuchino Skin Gloss (black eyebrow)

24 December 2008

New Skin: *Beauty Avatar* Melody skin - Natural

My favorite make-up

New Skin:
*Beauty Avatar* Melody skin - Natural

Merry Cristmas !!!
Thank you Aida Ewing! :)

22 December 2008

Mission executed

Two LE.LOOK! designer
Sasha Gopheller (-SG-) and MapycR Roffo (*AuMa*)

OUTFIT: TheAbyss - Full Avatar_Opium v1.0

White bunny (winter 2008/09)

Skin: Mischa2 Tan Skin / *peach *REDGRAVE*
Boot's: *AuMa* YETI Boot's *WHITE*
Scarf: Aitui - Double Wrap Muffler Scarf - Plain - Snow
Ear&Tail: Glass Earth =Hybrid v2= Counter Culture Bunny Ear
Tights: Armidi Limited - Metallic Tights [White]
Hair: *TRUTH* Polly - Silver
Jacket: **aC::Studios::CheerNo's Rabbitt Sexy
Poses: SEmotion Studio

Black concinnity (winter 2008/09)

: [the oBscene] SiREN-Amber-NAiDA
Hair: >Truth< style="font-weight: bold;">
Jacket: :bijou: Undo[Black]
Sweater: -SG (Sasha Gopheller)-Helsinki Sweater Black
Gloves: Cachet - Gloves BLACK
Belt : Maitreya Leather Belt - Black
Bermuda Shorts: Cachet-Isa Bermuda Shorts PocketL(Black)
Necklace: Japanese-Pendant *REDGRAVE
Stockings: *Sheer* Stockings 30: Wrinkled Black
Boots: *AuMa* YETI (Black)
Poses: SEmotion Studio

Gray haze (winter 2008/09)

Skin: Mischa2 Tan Skin / *peach *REDGRAVE*
Boot's: *AuMa* YETI Boot's *GRAY*
Hair: >Truth< Ruby - Maple
Gown: *Edelweiss* Babydoll Irie
Poses: SEmotion Studio

19 December 2008

CRISTMAS Gift from *AuMa*

Merry Cristmas!!!!!!!!!!!!

* Colour/textures changable hat & scarf *

The hat and scarf is scripted for colour/texture change (you need to be on a sim that allows scripts in order to change the colour).

Simply press on hat or scarf !!! You will have menu for choice !

From *AuMa*

Waiting taxi (December 2008)

Girl in in beige (on the left)

Hair: Cake - Swoon - Midnight - Flexi Hair
Skin: -SG- (Sasha Gopheller) - Keira Natural 07
Sweater: -SG- (Sasha Gopheller) - Stockholm Sweater Beige
Skirt: -SG (Sasha Gopheller) - Coquette Brown Skirt
Boots: -SG (Sasha Gopheller) - Fur Boots Brown
Collants: ***Aura***Tights 9 Colors Pack
AO: SEmotion Sensible Box 3.6

Girl in in black (on the right)

Hair: *~*Damselfly*~*Verena - Brown Caramel Warm
Skin: [the oBscene] SiREN-Amber-NAiDA
Sweater: -SG- (Sasha Gopheller) - Stockholm Sweater Black
Skirt: -SG (Sasha Gopheller) - Coquette Black Skirt
Boots: AuMa Knitted Boots Black
Collants: *Sheer* Tights 30: Wrinkled Black
Umbrella: {creamshop} Vinyl umbrella (black)
AO: include in umbrella

18 December 2008

Snow-white lady :)

Skin: MMS-LondonSunTan-makeup1b
Hair: >Truth< Ruby - Maple
Eye: *NT*_eyez_09 (Needful Things)
Boots: AuMa - Knitted WHITE
Jacket: Ce_Cubic effect - Full Sculpted Knit Jacket(White)
Arm Cuffs: *REDGRAVE* Polar Arm Cuffs -White-
Tights: Armidi Limited - Metallic Tights [White]

16 December 2008

New arrivals *AuMa* KNITTED Boots

Add 4 colours !




*AuMa Shop*

Skin: MMS-LondonSunTan-makeup1b
Hair: MMShair-SAAB - LBrown
Coat: Cachet-MIMIcoat/gray-dark
Eye: *NT*_eyez_21 (Needful Things)
Sweater: Helsinki Black (AuRa)
Necklace: EARTHTONES- Lushwood Multi/Silver (colour change)

11 December 2008


Skin: MMS-LondonSunTan-makeup8b
Hair: Sky Everett Designs-Temptress Revisited, black
Eye: Dev EyeZ green gent
Eyelashes: - MoulinRouge *REDGRAVE*
Sweater: CACHET - INGRID Sweater - GRASS

Cachet Winter 2008/2009 Release

Skin: MMS - London -makeup9b
Hat: Cachet - FURhat_DARK
Sweater: Cachet - TURTLE NECK/gray
Eyelashes: MoulinRouge *REDGRAVE*
Eyes: House of EyeZ - Rude EyeZ Grey

10 December 2008

BLUE mist

Shoes: "AuMa" Sculpted High heeled Shoes (BLUE)
Hat : ETD Newsboy (Texture Changing Script)
Sunglasses: Kalnins - Bravia
Accessories: -EARTHTONES- Lushwood Necklace, Multi

Style in City (BEIGE)

Boot's: "AuMa" Knitted BEIGE
Necklace: EARTHTONES- Heartwood Necklace Silver
Bangles: Armidi Gisaci] Summer Stacked Bangles - Assorted 1
Bag: ETD Everyday Tote (Tan Weave)
Scarf: *ARGRACE* Check Muffler (F) - Mocha

Astonishing WHITE

Boot's: "AuMa" YETI Boot's *WHITE*
Bag: [Armidi Gisaci] Focsani Bag - White
Scarf: Aitui - Double Wrap Muffler Scarf - Plain - Snow
ArmWarmer: Maitreya ArmWarmer (Magnolia)
Watch: SECONDTIME Omega Speedmaster
Ear: Glass Earth =Hybrid v2= Counter Culture Bunny Ear

Simply RED

Boot's: "AuMa" Pretty Autumn Boots RED
Earring: =DeLa*= "Antonia" Golden RED
Bangle: {CS} Glam bangle RED
Scarf: {CS} Linen stole muffler (Rouge)
Bag: [Armidi Gisaci] Gordie Leather Bag - Red